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Virtual Reality

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Take your business into the next dimension. You can be the talk of the trade show, wowing potential customers with out-of-this-world demos that whisk them away to fantastic lands. It’s a perfect way to be memorable and stand out. And, with the advent of affordable, portable Virtual Reality, now is a great time to get people talking about you.

A Multitude of uses

It’s not just trade show, although that’s the perfect place to show off your new products within a Virtual Space. There are a myriad of different uses that can add value to your business.

zorah7 virtual reality trade shows

Trade Shows

Whisk people away into an out-of-this-world experience. You’ll be the talk of the trade show, and guarantee that people won’t forget you.

zorah7 virtual reality training

Training & Safety

Using 180 or 360 degree videos within Virtual reality, you can train staff to familiarise themselves with dangerous equipment from the safety of the office.

zorah7 virtual reality marketing


Marketing is about being seen, and being remembered. With Virtual Reality, you can ensure you’ll never be forgotten by anyone.

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